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Bernardo Broitman

Bernardo Broitman - M.A. Freilich, E. Wieters, B.R. Broitman, P.A. Marquet and S.A. Navarrete.

Species co-occurrence networks: can they reveal trophic and non-trophic interactions in ecological communities?  Ecology  99(3):690-699   doi:10.1002/ecy.2142

Bernardo Broitman - T. Manzur, A. Gonzalez

Scales of predator detection behavior and escape in Fissurella limbata: a field and laboratory assessment.  Marine Ecology  39:e12492   doi:10.1111/maec.12492

Bernardo Broitman - Marco Antonio Lardies - M.A. Aguilera, N.A. Lagos

Phenotypic plasticity at the edge: contrasting population-level responses at the overlap of the leading and rear edge of the geographic distribution of two Scurria limpets.  Journal of Biogeography  45(10):2314-2325   doi:10.1111/jbi.13406

Bernardo Broitman - D. Sznycer, D. Xygalatas, E. Agey, S. Alami, X-F. An, K.I. Ananyeva, T.J. Conte, C. Flores, S. Fukushima, H. Hitokoto, A.N. Kharitonov, C.N. Onyshi, I.E. Onyshi, P.P. Romero, J.M. Schrock, L.S. Sugiyama, K. Takemura, C. Townsend, J-Y. Zhuang, A. Aktipis, L. Cronk, L. Cosmides and J. Tooby

Cross-cultural invariances in the architecture of shame.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  115(39):9702-9707   doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1805016115  

Bernardo Broitman - T.M. Smith, P.H. York, M. Thiel, G.C. Hays, E. van Sebille, N.F. Putman, P.I. Macreadie and C.D.H. Sherman.

 Rare long distance dispersal of a marine angiosperm across the Pacific Ocean.  Global Ecology and Biogeography  27(4):487-496   doi:10.1111/geb.12713

Bernardo Broitman - Marco Antonio Lardies - E. Yáñez, N.A. Lagos, R. Norambuena, C. Silva, J. Letelier, K.P. Muck, G. San Martin, S. Benítez, H. Contreras, C. Duarte, S. Gelcich, F.A. Labra, P.H. Manríquez, P.A. Quijón, L. Ramajo, E. González, R. Molina, A. Gómez Aravena, L. Soto, A. Montecinos, M.A. Barbieri, F. Plaza, F. Sánchez, A. Aranis, C. Bernal and G. Bohm.

Yañez, E.; Lagos, N.A.; Norambuena, R.; Silva, R.; Letelier, J.; Muck, K-P.; San Martin, G.; Benitez, S.; Broitman, B.; Contreras, H.; Duarte, C.; Gelcich, S.; Labra, F.; Lardies, M.A.; Manríquez, P.H.; Quijón, P.A.; et al. (2017) Impacts of climate change on marine fisheries and aquaculture in Chile. Pp. 550-625. En: Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture: A Global Analysis, B. Phillips and M. Pérez-Ramírez (eds.). John Wiley & Sons Ltd., London, UK

Marco Antonio Lardies - Bernardo Broitman - Vargas, C.A.; Lagos, N.A.; Duarte, C.; Manriquez, P.H.; Widdicombre, S.; Birchenough, S.

Vargas C.A.,  Lagos N.A.,  Lardies M.A., Duarte C., Manríquez P.H., Aguilera V.H., Broitman B., Widdicombe S., Dupont, S. (2017) Species-specific response to ocean acidification is a consequence of local adaptation and adaptive plasticity. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1: 0084.

Marco Antonio Lardies - Bernardo Broitman - Halpern, B.; Glecich, S.; Vargas, C.A.; Vasquez-Lavín, F.; Widdicombre, S.; Birchenough, S.

Broitman, B., Halpern, B. S., Gelcich, S., Vargas, C.A., Lardies, M.A., Vasquez.Lavín, F., Widdicombe, S., Birchenough, S. (2017) Dynamic interactions among boundaries and the expansion of sustainable aquaculture. Frontiers Mar. Sci. 4: 15.

Bernardo Broitman - G.M. Parada, E.A. Martínez, M.A. Aguilera, M.H. Oróstica

Interactions between kelp spores and encrusting and articulated coralline algae: recruitment challenges for Lessonia spicata.  Botanica Marina  60(6):619-625   doi:10.1515/bot-2017-0010

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