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Marco Antonio Lardies - Díaz, R.; Tarifeño, E.; Tapia, F.; Vargas, C.A.

Díaz, R.; Lardies, M.A.; Tapia, F.J.; Tarifeño, E.; Vargas, C.A. (2018) Transgerenational effects of pCO2-driven ocean acidification on adult mussels Mytilus chilensis modulate physiological response to multiple stressors in larvae. Frontiers Physiol. 9: 1349.

Marco Antonio Lardies - Barria, A.; Bacigalupe, L.D.; Lagos, N.A.

Barria, A.M.; Bacigalupe, L.D.; Lagos, N.A.; Lardies, M.A. (2018) Thermal physiological traits and plasticity of metabolism are sensitive to biogeographic breaks in a rock-pool marine shrimp. J. Exp. Biol. 221: 000-000.

Marco Antonio Lardies - Duarte, C.; Navarro, J.M.; Quijón, P.A.; Loncon, D.; Torres, R.; Manríquez, P.H.; Vargas, C.A.; Lagos, N.A.

Duarte, C.; Navarro, J.M.; Quijón, P.A.; Loncon, D.; Torres, R.; Manríquez, P.H.; Lardies, M.A.; Vargas, C.A.; Lagos, N.A. (2018) The energetic physiology of juvenile mussels, Mytilus chilensis (Hupe): the prevalent role of salinity under current and predicted PCO2 scenarios. Environ. Pollu. 242: 156-163

Marco Antonio Lardies - Bernardo Broitman - Aguilera, M.; Lagos, N.A.

Broitman B.R.; Aguilera, M.A.; Lagos, N.A.; Lardies, M.A. (2018) Phenotypic plasticity at the edge: contrasting at the overlap of the leading and rear edges of the geographical distribution of two Scurria limpets. J. Biogeogr. 45: 2314-2325.

Marco Antonio Lardies - Benitez, S.; Lagos, N.A.; Osores, S.; Duarte, C.; Navarro, J.M.

Benítez, S.; Lagos, N.A.; Osores, S.; Opitz, T.; Duarte, C.; Navarro, J.M.; Lardies, M.A. (2018) High pCO2 levels affect metabolic rate, but not feeding behavior and fitness, of farmed giant mussel Choromytilus chorus. Aquacult. Environ. Interact. 10: 267-278.

Marco Antonio Lardies - Osores, S.; Opitz, T.

Osores, S.; Ruz, G.A.; Opitz, T.; Lardies, M.A. (2018) Discovering divergence in the thermal physiology of intertidal crabs along latitudinal gradients using an integrated approach with machine learning. J. Thermal Biol. 78: 140-150

Carola Millán - Millan C., Vivanco J.F., Benjumeda-Wijnhoven I.M., Bjelica S., Santibanez J.F.

Cell Biology and Translational Medicine, Volume 3. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, vol 1107. Springer, Cham

Bernardo Broitman - C.F. Flores, D. Salazar and E. Gayó.

δ18O of Fissurella maxima as a proxy for reconstructing Early Holocene sea surface temperatures in the coastal Atacama desert (25°S).  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology  499:22-34   doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2018.03.031

Bernardo Broitman - C. Lara, G.S. Saldías, A.L. Paredes, B. Cazelles

Temporal variability of MODIS phenological indices in the temperate rainforest of northern Patagonia.  Remote Sensing  10(6):956   doi:10.3390/rs10060956

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